Do you charge for providing/hosting the service?

In a word, no. You access the service by simply calling a standard 03 number from your landline or mobile phone. The call will be free for you as you will be using your bundled minutes. If you don’t have any inclusive minutes left (or are a PAYG customer) it will be charged at the same rate as a standard UK geographic number, such as a number in London or Manchester.

Please see here for more information on 03 numbers.

Do I need to visit the website each time I want to conference?

No, your PIN is unique and permanent, so all you need to access the free conference is to dial our 0330 822 0317 access number from your landline or mobile. You can use the service anytime of the day 365 days a year.

Do I need to have data or Wi-Fi to access the service?

No, you simply dial the access from any phone, any time and you are in conference. Our service is not using VoIP technology such as Skype and Viber so you do not need to be connected to the internet or have a data bundle on your phone.

Is the call quality good?

Yes it is but don’t take our word for it, just dial in and try for yourself. Our service uses the UK’s public telecommunication network so the call quality is as good as making a telephone call to a UK landline.

How many people can be at the conference at the same time?

You can have up to 10 people joining the same conference at a time

Is my conference call time limited?

No, your conference can be as long as you want it to be.

Do I have to schedule the call conference?

You don’t have to schedule the call conference unless you want to. The service is accessible at any time by simply dialling the access number and entering (or generating) your unique PIN.